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Israel’s 50+ FoodTech Unicorns, Soonicorns and Futurecorns By Arman Anatürk December 13, 2021 Highlights: Even with just a population of 9.5 million people, Israel punches far above its weight when it comes to food and agritech.  Startups in general thrive in Israel, with Israeli startups raising a record $25.4 billion in first 11 months of 2021 The state has also long been home to pioneering academic institutions that work hard on agri-foodtech, from Technion to the Hebrew University. The country has a st

Source : Israel’s 50+ FoodTech Unicorns, Soonicorns and Futurecorns | FoodHack


This week, we asked the community for ideas for Israeli FoodTech startups that may positively impact the food system in terms of nutrition, sustainability and/or market share capture. It’s not a comprehensive list (like this one with 250+ Israeli FoodTech startups) – rather it’s a snapshot of ideas provided by the community.  Originally posted on LinkedIn.

Here are 10 Israeli startups that stood out this year (Plus a bonus 50+ companies further down)

  • 🍬 DouxMatok Developing sugar reduction solutions (up to 40% less in food applications)
    HQ: Tel Aviv
    Funding: $30.2M
  • 🥩 SuperMeat Cell-based chicken meat producer
    HQ: Tel Aviv
    Funding: $4.2M
  • 🌲SeeTree Insights and actionable analytics that help farmers optimize tree health and production
    HQ: Herzliya
    Funding: $14.7M
  • 🥜 Ukko Designing proteins that do not trigger allergic responses
    HQ: Palo Alto, CA
    Funding: $7.7M
  • 📱Lumen Measures metabolism in real-time through a device and app, enabling daily personalized nutrition
    HQ: Ramat Hasharon
    Funding: $17.3M
  • 🥛 Innovopro Chickpea protein used in food products such as e.g. non-dairy milk beverages
    HQ: Rishpon
    Funding: $20.8M
  • 📦 TIPA Biodegradable packages for e.g. the food and beverage sectors
    HQ: Hod Hasharon
    Funding: $46M
  • 🥚 Zero Egg Plant-based eggs
    HQ: Kfar Saba
    Funding: $8M
  • 🌾 CropX Ag analytics startup powered by Big Data and machine learning, which can help optimize irrigation
    HQ: Netanya
    Funding: $24.3M
  • 🚜 Taranis Precision ag solution allowing farmers to monitor fields and make better-informed decisions
    HQ: Tel Aviv
    Funding: $59.6M

Bonus – 50+ others to know 👀

🍖 Future Meat Technologies
 Cell-based meat producer

🐝 BeeHero Smart beehives enabling precision pollination for growers

🌱 BioHarvest Bioreactor-grown plant cells for neutraceutial applications

🤖Trellis AI-powered food system intelligence platform, boosting food production efficiency and sustainability

🧬 DayTwo Personalized nutrition based on gut microbiome analysis

🥩 Aleph Farms – Producer of cell-based steaks

🌾 Equinom Ltd Computational seed breeding company that delivers customized seeds

💡TasteWise AI-powered food trends intelligence and predictions

🛒 Trigo Vision No-checkout solution for retail stores including grocery

♨️ Genie Single-serving pod-based cooking system (smart oven)

🖥 Prospera Computer-vision powered analytics to monitor, predict, and optimize crop health

🖨 Redefine Meat Plant-based steaks produced through 3D printing and other tech

🥚 eggXYt Gender-detection of chicken embryos pre-incubation

🥩 BioFood Systems Producer of plant-based meat analogs

✌️ ChickP Chickpea protein as ingredient for existing foods as well as protein for meat/dairy analogs

🖨 MeaTech Enabling structured meat products through cell ag and 3D printing

🦟 Flying Spark Protein made from Mediterranean Fruit Flies

🥣 Yofix Probiotics LTD Fermented plant-based pre & probiotic foods

🌱 Rilbite Plant-based protein products
🗑 Wastless Dynamic pricing to reduce food waste.

🌰 Torr FoodTech Used tech to build snacks that are healthier and more natural

🥛 Imagindairy Ltd Cell-based dairy production

🧪 Inspecto Quick and affordable test to detect the most common food contaminants

🌿 Brevel Cultivating microalgae in bioreactors for food and feed applications

🍊 Better Juice Reduces sugars in juice by 30-80%

🌿 Algaemor – SimpliiGood Cultivating spirulina for food applications

🍴Kitchen Robotics Developing robotic dark kitchen (cloud kitchen) solutions

💦 Disposable IoT smart caps solution for the food, pharma, beauty, and other industries

🍼 Else Nutrition Plant-based alternatives to baby and toddler formula

🦾 SavorEat – Robot chef that delivers customized plant-based meat alternatives

🌿 SEAKURA – SEA OF LIFE Land-based seaweed cultivation for food applications

🧘‍♂️ MyAir Plant-based nutrition bars targeting stress relief

🐜 Hargol FoodTech Commercial scale grasshopper farming

🍭 Amai Proteins Sweet designer proteins

🥛 Remilk Milk produced using precision bio

🍄 Kinoko-Tech Fermentation products based on edible mushrooms

🌿 Solabia-Algatech Nutrition Cultivates micro algae for the nutrition, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries

🥛 Planterra Ltd – Naturally Innovative Dairy products from chickpea protein

🌱 Hinoman Ltd Hydroponically cultivator of plant-protein Mankai

🐣 Soos Technology Sex-reversal technology for the egg-laying industry

🐥 Ovo Technology Sex-reversal technology for the broiler industry

🐮 Poultrix Precision-planning platform for the livestock industry

👃 OlfaGuard – food safety by nano technology E-Nose capable of detecting pathogens on food

🌿 Yemoja Ltd. Cultivating microalgae under controlled conditions

🎨 Phytolon Biotech/fermentation-based natural food colorants

🛒 AlgoCart Personalized product recommendations to drive better health outcomes

👨‍💻 Smart personalized online recipe solutions

🐄 MAOLAC Bovine colostrum-based products to strengthen human and animal immune system

🌱 Fantastic Farms Ltd Using plants to recreate dairy and egg

🥕 Tuttipuffs Puffed natural snacks

🥩 Meat. the End Plant-based meat alternatives

🥛Bio Milk Cultured milk and breastmilk